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Together, We Can Rebuild What Was Lost

Why We Need Your Help


Who is Pavel

Born in Siberia, Pavel moved to the big city of Moscow in his 30s where his only daughter, now a univercity student was born. Living in the concrete jungle of Russia's capital, working his way up from a newcomer to the seasoned Muscovite, he kept dreaming about a piece of land with a small house next to the forest. After setbacks of economic crisis of the 90s and financial crisis of 08, Pavel was finally able to get closer to the dream of his childhood and purchased a small house in Ramensky district outside of Moscow City. The house that burned to the ground the night of December 25.


Challenges to face

With all his savings gone and with no roof over his head in the middle of the cold Russian winter, left without a job, for the first time Pavel felt helpless. He needs our help to find strength to face the challenges ahead: figure out temporary living arrangements, find new employment, recover from stress and smoke inhalation and take care of the two cats. But the biggest challenge would be regaining the feeling of self-worth and rebuilding the dream home.


Who is the organizer

My name is Katrina Volkova, I am Pavel's only niece. I am trying to help as best as I can, though living in different countries does make it challenging.

We have very few family members all of whom are doing what they can to help Pavel recover. If this story hurts your heart like it hurt ours, please consider giving a small donation to help Pavel overcome all the challenges and rebuild his dream.