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Together, We Can Rebuild What Was Lost

What Happened

Fire on Christmas evening

On December 25, 2018 the house of a beloved uncle and hard-working man burned to the ground. 

Pavel Sapunov was enjoying a quiet evening with his two cats when he was startled by the smell of smoke coming from the second floor of his house located at 68, Yubileyniy Dsk, Moskovskaya oblast. He quickly ran upstairs and to his horror he saw that the roof of the house, which he had recently purchased, was engulfed in flames. Pavel (age 59) was so overwhelmed with terror and sadness that he froze in place for several minutes, nearly collapsing from inhaling the smoke that was surrounding him. 

Miraculously he regained his composure in time to save himself and his two cats by jumping out of a first storey window. Refreshed by the cold winter air he called the fire department right away.

Sadly, due to a heavy snowfall earlier that day, the fire truck that had been dispatched to the fire slid into a ditch and was stuck for several hours. Pavel could do nothing but helplessly watch his house, his possessions and his memories turn to ashes. By the time the fire brigade arrived all that remained was a smoldering pile of debris. 

Thankfully Pavel and his two cats were alive, but Pavel suffered from smoke inhalation as well as severe panic attack. The house was Pavel’s longtime dream, he had invested a lot of time and money into purchasing this house and after moving in this past October, he immediately began to renovate the outdated kitchen. The renovation expense cost Pavel the rest of his savings, but he had planned for this as a part of the preparation for retirement. Regrettably the house was not insured and so there is no hope of recovering its value.

To make matters even worse, one week before Christmas Pavel was informed that the company he was working for had claimed bankruptcy, which means on top of everything else, he is now out of a job and without the vital income that he needs to rebuild his life. 

Pavel was just a few years away from retirement, beginning to enjoy his dream of home ownership. He is devastated by the recent events and needs help getting back on his feet.

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