A big THANK YOU to all our recent donors!

Together, We Can Rebuild What Was Lost

How You Can Help

In the upcoming days we need to accompish a lot and we need your help.

Below you will find a breakdown of how we will use donated funds and what else can be done to help Pavel. 

Our goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars and rebuild a simple home for Pavel's retirement thus saving him from poverty. 

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Immediate needs

Temporary living arrangements:

5 months apartment rent = $2,000

Donation of winter and work clothing

Used laptop for job search

Rebuild Dream Home (Feb-Jun)

Post-fire area clearance = $1,000

Commission new house design and downpayment = $11,600

Construction = $23,400

Move in expeses (basic appliances, furniture) = $6,650

Construction contingencies = $4,000 (11%)

Other Help

To minimize the expenses we will be happy to accept donations in kind: gently used or new clothing items, working laptop. Please contact us to arrange pick up or delivery. Follow our blog below for more updates.

Words of encouragement and support are also much appreciated. Traumatic events often lead to development of PTSD, depression and feeling of helplesness. Words of affirmation from friends and strangers alike help fight negative thinking and speed up mental recovery. Please send your messages to givenewdream@gmail.com

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